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10 Reasons Australia still needs feminism

By: Miya Yamanouchi Why feminism is more important than ever in 2015 Australia I am a feminist. I haven't called myself a feminist for very long, though. In fact, up until the very beginning of this year, I even considered myself an anti-feminist, because I was so misinformed about what feminism actually was. I was foolish enough to buy into the misconstrued cliché that feminists were man-hating, pretty-girl-hating, ugly and boring women who didn't enjoy life, their bodies or sex — and didn't want anyone else to, either. And girl, was I wrong! 1. During my stint as a sex therapist (a.k.a sexual health counsellor), when I told men what I did for work, they would automatically interpret my job title as simply a euphemism for sex worker. When I tell people I am counsellor, it is only ever men who respond with questions such as:  "Did you have to do a day course for that or something?"  or  "Did you need to do any studying for that?"