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Why Sonam and all other women are depicted as unfaithful

Meme directly translated to "I think this girl is only Sonam (Indian female name) is unfaithful". A few years back, a disgruntled lover in India wrote the words "Sonam Gupta is unfaithful" on a tattered note of money and posted it on the internet, resulting in all Sonam Guptas becoming infamous overnight. The memes and jokes cracked about Sonam being unfaithful have not stopped circulating the internet since (see featured meme above). In this image,  a guy is sitting close to one woman whilst behind her he is holding hands with another woman. Below it says,  “I think this girl is only Sonam (Indian female name) is unfaithful”.  The troubling thing in this image is that the guy here seems to be the one who is unfaithful and not the highlighted woman, because he is the one who appears to already have a partner and is going literally behind her back to have a physical connection with someone else.  Sadly, as it is always shown, the

My Story

The following story has been shared to us by a survivor of domestic violence. It started with names.  "You're scum. Your family is scum."  "You're ugly... do you know that? I hope you know that. You actually make me sick looking at you." He'd come home drunk, after he'd told me I was a psycho for not wanting him to get drunk. He'd wake me up and sit on the end of my bed and tell me... "You're disgusting, you're ugly. Remember that." I would try to turn over and ignore him, I would try to will the morning here sooner. He wouldn't let me... if he saw my eyes closing he'd move closer, he'd talk louder. He'd get closer and closer and he'd whisper in my ear "You're disgusting, you're fat and you're ugly. You're lucky to have me. It's your fault we don't have sex... you're too ugly." I would get up to go into another room, I just wanted to sleep so

My Story is Not Over Yet (Poem by Devon Leahy)

The following poem has been shared to us by a survivor of intimate partner violence. Stop. It's in my head but not in my words, It reaches my mouth but his words overpower mine He says relationships are about giving and taking You have to compromise. So I do what it takes to make him happy, Inside and outside the bedroom. When I want to cry 'stop!', I remember that I am compromising, That I am making him happy. That's what relationships are. Giving and taking, So I give him what he needs me to. And take the time to push the memories Into the back of my mind. But I would not compromise When my Mom got involved. If he wanted me to feel pain, that's fine, But when I knew my Mom would be in pain Combing the streets for me, I drew the line. I did not stop compromising for me, I did it so my Mom did not have to feel pain. So I gave my Mom what she wanted, A breakup. And took the time to push the memories Into the back of my mind. But this t