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STEMinist – HerStory

  “Hidden Figures” made waves in the movie industry for portraying the brilliant, female, collective, computational minds behind one of the greatest scientific and engineering feats in history: putting humans on the moon. This movie showed us that there has been no lack of brilliant women contributing to STEM fields through history. We also know that women’s contributions to science, math, technology and engineering have been systematically written out of our history books.   All this complaining about not enough women idols in STEM fields for our future generations and we never stopped to wonder at what point in history we decided women were bad at math and science?  The history of patriarchy is hard to identify. For so many years, in the majority of societies around the world, patriarchy has been so widely accepted that it wasn’t even identified as a type of operating system until recently. The word “patriarchy” literally means “rule of the father” and did not emerge until hum

Liberals savage cut to legal support services for women

The Liberal/National party has a reputation for misunderstanding the needs of Australian women. Their attitude towards women is further exemplified by former Liberal prime minister Tony Abbott’s comments about ‘the housewives of Australia doing the ironing’. The LNP doesn’t have a woman-focused policy record either, with continued criticism that they fail Australian women in parliamentary representation, policies, programs, and budget spending. The election of the LNP government in 2019 has been widely viewed as a failure for women, in part because the LNP cuts   spending on essential services for women, including The Women’s Family Law Service (WFLSS). Continued cuts to women’s services highlight the LNP governments’ lack of understanding of and disinterest in the wellbeing of Australian women. The Women’s Family Law Service (WLFLSS) is a joint program run by the Sydney Registry of the Family Court and the NSW Women’s refuge movement. Located in the Sydney registry of the