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The Life of a Disney Inker and Painter

The alarm clock sounded and she stirred in bed. It was 4:30am and too early to get up. She felt like her head had only hit the pillow a moment ago. She couldn’t remember what day of the week it was; the days were blurring into one continuous shift. She and other women, of the Disney ink and paint departments, had been working double shifts to get the celluloid prints for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs finished in time for its premier. She reluctantly placed one foot out of bed and onto the cold surface below. She got up and raced to get ready before her mind had time to catch up, and complain about the sudden exertion. After leaving her apartment eating the last remnants of a quick breakfast, she shivered waiting for the bus. It was still early, but she fretted because anything could still happen to make her late. After hours of zigzagging on public transport, she had made it to the studio. She was just in time for the 9:00am start. Managers rhythmically walked back and fo


To all the amazing women out there, fighting for justice, raising families, working hard at their jobs, trailblazing, speaking out, surviving…. We wish you all the best on this special day (and every day).  You matter, your voice needs to be heard and you deserve equal representation, opportunities and rights. Let us take a moment to remember that not all our sisters are able to celebrate today.  Many are locked away in the dungeons of sweatshops and factories, or are imprisoned for standing up for themselves, or are too afraid of abuse, or are unjustly detained in refugee detention centres around the world. Feminism is for all women, and those of us who are free to fight for women’s rights must remember to fight for the rights of all women!  Today, think what you can do to help other women less fortunate than yourself, who may not have the opportunity to fight for herself for fear of persecution or death. There are hundreds of organisations you can support. Here are j