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Frances Marion: One of the First Hollywood Screenwriters

Over half the scripts written during Hollywood’s silent era were written by women. The women came from a variety of backgrounds when they entered the industry. Some were actors, some came from Broadway and others started off as journalists, to name a few professions. Largely unknown to a modern film audience, Frances Marion was one of the first well established and sought-after screenwriters in American cinema. During the 1910s to late 1930s, she penned many scripts for films that are now considered classics. She wrote across many genres and even received academy awards for The Big House (1930) and The Champ (1931). Born on the 18 th of November 1888, in San Francisco, her parents named her Marion Benson Owens. She would later be inspired and take her screen credit from famous American Civil War soldier Frances Marion. She started out as a journalist, model, career artist and World War I correspondent before eventually moving to Los Angeles. Marion’s Hollywood career

Inspiration as Salvation - A Message of Hope to Those with Chronic Illness

It is my firm belief that everyone on the planet needs someone or something to inspire them.  Inspiration can come from many places; from the loved ones in your life, to an important and just cause, to the beauty of the world, to its profound sadness. It manifests itself in art, music, devotion and hard work. It is what drives us, gives us purpose and provides us with a comforting sense of something greater than ourselves. For the first 24 years of my life, my father was my inspiration. My father was a South African lawyer and anti-apartheid activist; he was an intellectual and a dreamer; he was a poet and a comedian; he was tender yet hard to reach; he was sensitive and quietly passionate; he was cynical and painfully hopeful.  He was my example, he was my guide.  I looked up to him like a flower does the sun, and when his light went out, so did mine. I was living in Australia when my father suddenly died. At the time I had just had a breakthrough with the chronic il

The Disease of The Fashion Industry

By Dorka N. Have you ever heard that if something is repeated often enough people start to believe it? This phenomena is all around us and is so widely spread and crucially ACCEPTED. However, it is the media playing mind games on human beings. Media today is present in all sectors of our lives, often causing more damage than actual good. It is only natural that we fall victim to its intrusive nature, but in the fashion industry its impact is especially negative. Their adverts can be considered quite persuasive as they constantly tell us that we will feel a certain way after having bought their product, or by looking like the models. This constant pressure to conform to mass- manufactured  beauty ideals can cause a great deal of stress and unhappiness in many women. First of all, I believe eating disorders and false body image are always rooted in one or more great problems causing depression, either mild, moderate or severe. They have an obvious similarity: they last lon

What is Feminism? Eliminating Incorrect Notions Of Feminism

Feminism… What is feminism? How has it become one of the most trending topics of all time? Do people have a complete knowledge of it? Questions like these always raise topics to discuss. Men these days are blaming feminism for the ‘unequal’ treatment of males. According to many men, women are not using their rights in a ‘correct’ manner. They claim that women are taking all these rights for granted. They are building this notion that women are misusing their rights and trying to degrade men. Ideas like these are often created by the people who want to establish a false image of Feminism. They see each ‘ Feminist ‘ as someone who wants to lower the position of men in order to uplift women’s status in the society. However, it’s indicative of their lack of knowledge that they see Feminists as ruthless rebels who want to conquer the world! So, it’s necessary for each man as well as each woman to have a complete knowledge of what feminism actually is. Let’s read further to gain

A little feminism never hurts

by Dorka N. I definitely want to get something straight for all of you reading this: advocating feminism means standing up for equal rights among the genders. Equal possibilities, equal payment, equal treatment. Equality in all fields of life. Feminism is not rage or hate towards men. It has always incorporated the necessary respect for men as they are also considered human beings just like women. People are so scared of this 'F word' and many feel threatened by the movement as it is spreading worldwide. These opponents of feminism can be divided into groups based on their wishes. As far as women are concerned they can freely decide whether they want to build a career, want to be successful entrepreneurs and do business or, if they wish, to stay at home with their children, or both. On the other hand, on the side of the men the ideas are quite different, because they are the ones oppressing women for centuries. They are either for or against equality. In this