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This picture accurately captures what the binge eating vicious cycle is all about.
Not sure if you have been in the “Restrict” zone? Do you display these actions but are not willing to admit that you have been restricting? Do you think you are on a diet or a very strict diet, but in fact you are displaying symptoms of an eating disorder?
Restrict may include actions such as:
  • counting calories for everything you eat
  • being on a diet
  • only eating fruits & vegetables for meals / throughout the day
  • drinking an excessive amount of water to make you feel full
  • only eating food low in calories
  • never stopping to lose weight. There is no goal weight. You want to be as thin as you can.
  • using exercise as a means to punish yourself
  • food controls almost all your thoughts


1) Give up dieting.
You must stop the RESTRICT aspect for the cycle to stop, so BINGE and GUILT do not follow afterwards. Focus on your health, not your weight or the calories you consumed.
You do not have to stick with a raw, natural, unprocessed food diet. You can treat yourself cookies if you feel like having them! Remember, remember, remember: Moderation, not deprivation.
2) Don’t let yourself get very hungry.
Try to eat something every 3-4 hours. Do not go for 4 hours without eating anything at all. Keep drinking water, hydrate yourself dry people! Tune in with your feelings from time to time, ask yourself if you are hungry. Ask yourself if you are bored, tired, sleepy, or procrastinating instead of actually feeling hungry.
3) Learn your triggers.
Ask yourself: What feelings or moods drive my urge to binge? What foods trigger off my binge eating episodes? Do I eat mindfully when I eat? Does a lot of guilt come with the binge eating episodes?
After keeping a food journal, I noticed that I would have binge episodes the day after restricting myself with 1500 calories a day. During my “restrict” day, lunch would always be a bowl of tomato beef macaroni, nothing different. I feared and hated trying new foods because I did not want to pack on any extra calories. I was scared of my changing my routine to try something new.
4) Look for other ways to feel good.
This could be physical activity, playing a musical instrument, writing, reading, talking with friends, napping, praying, exploring, stretching, doodling, or whatever the hell you want to do.
“Our body is doing its best, every moment of every day.”

* * *

Disclaimer: The Sydney Feminists are not medical professionals and any advice offered on the Blogger platform is not comparable to professional medical advice.  If you are suffering from an eating disorder, please consult your doctor first.


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