The following poem has been shared to us by a sexual assault survivor.


As tears treacle down my cheek,
I feel hopeless, lifeless, hurt and weak

The morning started out so good
But that all changed, I knew it would

He violated my dignity, when used me like a toy, 
The pain is overwhelming, my heart he will destroy

I woke up early and got ready with a smile,
Sang my happy songs, feeling happy all the while

While he slept I cleaned and washed with glee,
Then he woke up and stole it all away from me

There was no kiss of passion, no soft hugs nor gentle touch,
Being pushed onto the bed, I guess, has become a routine as such

It was all about his satisfaction, that was his only aim,
To him it meant nothing, and neither did I, it was all just a selfish game

Grabbing at my stockings, he pulled them half way down my leg,
How many times did I plead him to stop? How many times did I beg?

Ignoring my cries he continued on, with no slight hesitation at all,
All I could do was close my eyes and pray he wouldn’t bang my head on the wall

My body froze going into protection mode, had to separate myself from the situation,
Just cringing and waiting for the hurry of his inevitable ejaculation

Why does he make me feel so worthless? To him I am nothing more than a sex object,
Why do I let him do it each time? His advances I somehow, can never manage to reject

My muscles ache from the sadness-I can't express my pain so I feel it instead,
Every inch of my body now aches, my self esteem is surely dead

My spirit is dampened, darkened and cold,
The distant memories of happiness have turned stale and into mould.
If you would like to share a poem or story as part of your healing from abuse, please contact us.


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