The following poem has been shared to us by a domestic violence survivor.


Where should I start, how should I begin?
Why do I feel so alone in this world I live in?

I no longer feel pain, trained myself not to,
My emotional wall, it allows nothing through.

There is a sadness in my eyes, I feel it is always there,
Hidden well by the smile of disguise that I wear.

The rain is my tears I watch in delight as it pours down,
My sorrow is deep enough to flood this whole town.

Time is my enemy it ticks like a bomb in my head,
Nobody would notice if tomorrow I was dead.

I turn to the mirror in times of anguish and despair,
Only she can comfort me, only she will care.

Loneliness is my one and only true friend,
With him I can find sanctuary, on him I can depend.

Whatever happened to the girl with the big smile,
Who could fall over in a crowd and still be laughing all the while?

Where did she go, and will she ever return?
And will her soul ever be repaired? That is my main concern.

Been through so much, seen all there is to see,
I am scarred for life, in heart, mind and body.

I crave to be invisible, oh how wonderful that would be,
For if I were invisible, I would finally be free.

This world is a prison, which I do not belong in anymore,
It's time to go, time to escape; watch me as I walk out that door.

If you would like to share a poem or story as part of your healing from abuse, please contact us.


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